I am a faith-based clarity coach and strategist who teaches the importance of clarity and power in prayer with the appropriate strategies. My goal is to create and maintain a place people come to to learn the how in the most practical and simple way. I want to teach those who feel like they can't learn/succeed how to thrive.

I'm Kesdy and I help busy entrepreneurs find self care through clarity. 

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Prayer and focused goal setting was not only what gave me my life back,  
but also rejuvenated my spirit and propelled my business  and life to a tenfold increase in success. The weight of fatigue and exhaustion from trying to figure it all out on my own  was once a barrier to my well-being and my spiritual growth. Embracing the essential nature of full submission to God in prayer, I realized it was a non-negotiable aspect of my life I had to embrace and the results when I did will forever be the best decision I've ever made. 

 "YES! That sounds just like me!" 

you do not have to do this alone!

this does not have to be time consuming

This does not have to be hard

I know you're here because you're struggling the same way I was.

i see you!

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Oh you wanna get personal here? Okay!

I was born and raised in Haiti by my aunt and uncle in a loving and caring environment.

As a child, I enjoyed singing, dancing, playing with my friends, and all other activities children take part in. My childhood took a different turn when I began getting curious about my birth parents and questioning why I wasn’t living with my siblings. Questions, curiosity, and the inability to get the truth eventually led me down a path of resentment that I stayed on for many years. As I got older, I directed that resentment towards my birth parents, and as years went by, I slowly became more and more withdrawn, to the point where I stopped playing with my friends. Eventually, the built up anger and resentment I carried manifested itself in the form of fighting, cursing, and other negative behaviors.

You aren't alone, my story is probably a lot like yours...

but Kesdy... what about you?

It was time for a change - In 2015 I decided it was time for a change and started my healing journey. It was going great but after 6 months of doing the work and seeing the results, I decided I was all set and boy, was I wrong! Little did I know that I was about to be under the worst attack in my life.

I could only fight this battle in prayer so that's what I did. God revealed to me strategies to succeed in prayer and I am so grateful to be able to share those with you.

I had no idea how much my bad habits were affecting me not only mentally and physically, but spiritually.


Kesdy has been amazing. She truly helped me transform how I tackle my goals and in a matter of 2 years to make some major life changes. Kesdy is passionate, patient, understanding, and pushes you to your maximum potential.

"Kesdy has been amazing."


I did a 3 week (6 days) session with Kesdy and it was great! No matter your level of prayer you WILL benefit! Kesdy tailors her sessions according to your need areas and challenges your growth and understanding with homework assignments. I’m sure anyone, whether child, adolescent or mature adult will receive a newness in their prayer life.

"No matter your level of prayer you WILL benefit."

- Celena m.

I had the opportunity to be mentored by Kesdy Baille and I enjoyed every minute of it. She patiently taught me how to improve; my relationship with God ; my prayers by making them more scripture centered and more intentional. I appreciate the exchange of values through the multiple conversations that we had about challenging topics, It was definitely needed.

"I am finally pushing myself to new levels in my life."

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